The Void featured at Donna Scultura 2012

| 14 April, 2012 16:51

Featured among the works of 40 female participating sculptors at the Donna Scultura 2012 Exhibition in Pietrasanta, Italy, was my scupture, The Void. It is a deeply personal work that draws from my feelings of loss stemming from the tragic death of my son Daniel.


Amazingly, one of the visitors who was reflecting on my sculpture kept returning to this piece and asked me for permission to touch it. Unaware of my personal story of loss connected to this piece, she admitted that when she looked at it she thought about the loss of her son.


The Void by Editt Davidovici, 2012

After I created this sculpture, I captured my feelings into words through this poem.



Descending into oneself


Our deepest feelings explored


Infinite universe of emotions


Observation becomes prelude


to inner reflection


Between life and death


suspended wire


A self portrait


Life's reflection.

At the Donna Scultura 2012 Exhibition

| 14 April, 2012 16:31

Editt Davidovici at Donna Scultura 2012, Pietrasanta, Italy.


In February, I had the pleasure of participating in the 10th anniversary of Donna Scultura 2012 in Pietrasanta, Italy. It was a truly memorable experience.

Of the 40 female sculptors featured, 36 of these sculptors were present and attended the opening.  The presence of the four deceased artists was strongly felt through the recounting of memories and accomplishments by family and friends.


I  was astounded and overwhelmed by the diversity of the works, the themes and the imagery presented. This diversity brought us together: a closeness at a very special event.


See video of the Donna Scultura 2012 exhibition.



10th Anniversary of the Donna Scultura Exhibition, Pietrasanta, Italy

| 09 December, 2011 17:26


As one of several recognized female sculptors, I was invited by the Museo dei Bozzetti to participate in their 10th anniversary of mostra “Donna Scultura 2012”. This is an international exhibition to honor artists and their works as part of the events of international Woman’s Day.  This year’s exhibition will include works of both non-living and living artists.  I participated previously in 2010 with three other female artists in this annual event. 

The Donna Scultura exhibition will take place in the complex of Sant’ Agostino, Pietrasanta, Italy, from February 19 to March 19, 2012.